Due to the nature of these projects, clients are not named.

Construction Company

  • Provided accident investigation services following major incident

Lumber Manufacturer of Engineered Wood Products

  • Revised employee training program
  • Established new work flow procedures that reduced soft tissue injuries
  • Initiated employee cross training program
  • Advised management regarding changes to improve team environment

Patented Technology Development Company

  • Market research for new patent, solicitation of potential licensing partners.
  • Developed new product features for hazmat team and confined space entry procedures
  • Identifying new spin off products. This has resulted in four new products being developed and commercialized over a 24 month period.
  • Initiated UL/CSA approval process.

General Commercial Printer

  • Developed marketing and business plac
  • Acting as surrogate sales manager
  • Implemented customer management program.
  • Performed corporate recruitment services

Internationally Recognized Ship Builder

  • Performed market feasibility study for a new product.
  • Advised on marketing program.

Well Established Ad Agency

  • Explore and develop new business opportunities

Vehicle Manufacturer

Performed air sampling analysis during U.S. Coast Guard burn approval test for gas permeation evaluation.